Bike Touring Survival Guide

Are you also dreaming of a big bike tour? Then check out our Bike Touring Survival Guide.

We wrote it after returning from our world trip, and we packed it with all the tips and advice we wished we’d known before leaving.

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Friedel & Andrew

We’re Friedel & Andrew: two Canadians who love travelling by bicycle.

Cycling In Krgyzstan

So far, we’ve travelled through over 30 countries and cycled over 60,000km. Most of that distance was covered on a bike tour around the world from 2006-2009.

We’ve also taken numerous shorter trips through places like Denmark, Spain and across our current home base – the Netherlands.

In 2012, we (unofficially) became the Travelling Three with the birth of our son Luke. At the tender age of 5 months, he went on his first bike tour through the Netherlands, Belgium and France.

How We Got Started

When we first started bike touring, we had almost no cycling experience. We did have a couple bikes but they were in terrible shape (the brakes didn’t even work properly!) and we only Andrew towing Luke used them for a short commute to work along flat bike paths.

Ultimately, it was the desire to travel independently and to experience the ‘places inbetween’ that encouraged us to try bicycle touring. We started with a big dream – to bike around the world. Considering our lack of experience, this plan was a little ambitious but we reasoned that we could always trade in our bikes for backpacks, if it all went wrong.

Thankfully it never came to that. We fell in love with cycling as a way of seeing the world and decided to start this website as a way of encouraging others to do the same.

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Tent at Cameron Flats, New Zealand

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