Wondering how to get started? Here are our top books, articles and bike touring resources.

Books & Magazines

Blogs are great but a well-written book is even better when you’re hunting for practical information. These books will save you time and you can take them with you to read them at your leisure – whether you have internet access or not.

Bike Touring Survival Guide: This book is packed with practical advice for planning your bike tour. It’s sold 6,000 copies so far and has been universally praised. Available in PDF, Kindle and ePub formats. Learn more or download a free preview.

Bicycle Traveler Magazine: A free bike touring magazine that comes out a few times a year.

Bicycle Traveler MagazineAdventure Cycle-Touring Handbook: Our review of the book that’s become known as the bike tourist’s bible – and we’re not just saying that because we contributed a chapter! It’s a must-have on your bookshelf.

The Neither Authoritative Nor Concise Guide to Riding Bikes in Southeast Asia: If you’re considering a trip to Thailand, Malaysia, Laos and Singapore then you’ll definitely want to flip through this quirky, cute and helpful guide to Southeast Asia. It’s another freebie!

Resources By Country

Articles about specific regions and countries are added to this map. Zoom into your area of interest to find the most relevant articles.

You can also view our country-by-country notes from our 2006-2009 world bike tour. Some are a little out of date but they still give a good general overview. We add updates from other cyclists, as we receive them.

If you have an update to share, please get in touch so we can share it with others!

Top Articles

Andrew, Cycling In DenmarkIn addition to our Bike Touring Survival Guide, we recommend these popular articles:

  1. Inspiration To Take Your First Bicycle Tour
  2. How Much A Bike Tour Will Cost
  3. The $100 Touring Bike (or why you don’t need an expensive bike to go touring)
  4. Ten Places To Ride Your Bike Before You Die
  5. A Lightweight Packing List (see also A Simple Packing ListPacking Tips For Women and Overpacking: What One Bike Tourist Left Behind)
  6. Packing A Bike In A Cardboard Box For Flying
  7. Flying With A Bicycle In A Plastic Bag 
  8. Tips For Packing Bicycle Panniers
  9. Best Tires For Bike Touring
  10. What You Need To Know About Panniers
  11. Choosing Luggage Racks For Touring
  12. Advice For Wild Camping
  13. Insurance For Bicycle Tours

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Cycling in Denmark

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  • Bike Touring Podcasts – During our world trip, we started creating bike-touring podcasts. We don’t update them any more but you may enjoy listening to the ones we produced.